Essential Oils that Will Help Open Your Heart

Aromatherapy helps us to stay grounded and balanced through the wonders of essential oils. There are all sorts of essential oils that will help you to do all kinds of things, but if you are trying to open your heart, you will need a particular sort of essential oil. Here are several essential oils that you can try when you need to open up your heart and stay open to whatever life throws your way.


Sandalwood has a balsamic and woodsy aroma. It can increase your sensual side by creating spiritual awareness. It’s also great for connecting with a partner as it can be an amazing aphrodisiac. One of the best ways to enjoy sandalwood is to enjoy a sandalwood massage from your partner.

Cape chamomile

If you are searching for an essential oil that will help you cultivate feelings of acceptance, look no further. Cape chamomile is a scent that is similar to apple, and it works best for matters of emotional healing. Opening your heart can sometimes mean healing the wounds that are already present. One great way to incorporate this essential oil is to add it to a face serum.


Distilled from a tree’s resin, elemi has a fresh and almost spicy scent that will support and uplift. Elemi is also a wound healer, and it will help you to de-stress. One of the best ways to use this essential oil is with the use of an aromatic inhaler.


Juniper has a fruity and piney scent, and it can be a very powerful element for detoxification. For those who have heart issues or hardened arteries, juniper can really be helpful. Overcoming physical heart problems can be one of the best ways to engage in opening your heart spiritually. This essential oil works wonders as a part of a body oil.

Palo santo

Palo santo is said to have purifying powers, and because of this, it has been used by many indigenous cultures. It is said to help you to banish negative energy and align you with your heart center. This may be key when it comes to opening your heart.

Opening your heart can be a process. Essential oils can help you through this process, which can be intense. I encourage you to go on this journey with yourself and let essential oils lead you to a deeper self-love.